Tisara Photography

Portraits ~ On-location 

  1st hour  / Additional hours
Each person will have their own web site. The image for retouching will be selected from here. Then emailed or uploaded to my server.  $300.00 /  $200.00
DC rates - plus parking  $350.00 /  $200.00
Per person fee - includes retouching to one image  $ 50.00
With CD - If you require a disk  $ + $200.00 
Additional artwork   $ + $35.00 per 1/4 hour


Optional backdrop colors - blue, white and thunder gray


Space requirements -  working space of 8 feet  wide by 10 feet deep 

Average portrait time per person is 15 minutes.


Basic retouching to one image per person is included, 

Images are selected from on-line posting.

Retouched images will be uploaded to our server.


Enlargements are: 11x14 @ $85, 8x10 @ $25, 5x7 @ $15, 
4x6 @ $8, 3x5 @ $6


If the disk option is purchased, disks will be burned after the 

retouching is finished.

Custom Matting and framing available.

Enlargement prices are guaranteed for 6 months from the date of the portrait.

Expected delivery time:  5 days after shoot.

Special retouching of images may increase time. 

   Prices subject to 6% Virginia Sales Tax. 

 Visa / Master Card

25 years of experience