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Autumn Day

       Autumn Gold  

Blue Angel 


Blue Bird

Century Plant

Dragon Slayer

Dream Lotus

Free Runner 


Free Spirit

Golden Prancer


Ode to Spring

Peace Lotus

Peach Sky Spring

Rites of Spring

Saint Tesserae




Winter Day



Some mosaics have been “adopted” and found loving new homes. 

Commissions are accepted to replicate designs with the understanding that it is not possible 

to create pieces that are exactly the same. nt

Autumn Song

Autumn Symphony 

Autumn  Tapestry

Autumn Woods



Blue Poppies


Bouquet for Chris

Flower Circle

Flowers in Vase

Huntley Snow


Huntley Meadow Spring

Garden Angel

Golden Lotus 

Guardian Angel 

Kwan Yin 

Leaves of Glass

Meadow  Charger

Meadow  Prancer

Mid Autumn

Mother and Child


Palomino Prancer

Petite Bouquet



Snow Maidens

Spirit of Life

 Summer Sanctuary

 Two Cranes

Wings Set Me Free

Winter's Peace

Winter Light

Winter Sanctuary

Winter Woods

Winter’s Rest

Woods Edge

Alexandria Times Review

Title:  Inspired by Nature, The Zebra by Kelly MacConomy

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