Alexandria Holiday  Note Cards

Most  years since 1993, TISARA Photography has produced a Holiday Note Card 
featuring a scene of Alexandria by Steven Halperson and Nina Tisara.  The cards are available individually, boxed in sets of ten, and in larger quantities from TISARA Photography.

Blank inside, ready for your personal message.

Some images have limited quantities, please call first to see if we have enough to fit your needs,

1 - Golden Lights
"Finding a warm holiday image can be a challenge on a crisp December evening. The scene that won my attention was created by a group of Cameron Street merchants in Old Town, Alexandria."

2 - King Street Lights (blue)
"I had been photographing King Street with and without holiday lights for several years, so I knew what was needed to make the image work--having a twilight sky and the lights on at the George Washington Masonic National Memorial. Once I had those two important elements, all that remained was to dodge traffic for a 10 second exposure."

3  - Winter Lights
"It was just before New Year's, when driving past Daingerfield Island, I was drawn to capture this image on film. I liked the interaction between the playful
boat lights and the majestic monuments of
Washington, D.C."

4 - Royal Lights
"During a twilight walk in Old Town, this scene became magical when I saw the City Hall steeple framed by twinkling tree lights."

5 - First Snow 

"I was quite excited about this first snow. The weather was warm and the flakes were big.  Falling snow is very hard to photograph, especially at night.  Photographs at night normally require a longer exposure,  which means people walking are a blur and the snow is only visible on the ground.  With some film manipulation I was able to "freeze" 
the people and surreally capture the night."


6 - Holiday Lights

"Picture me standing on my bicycle, steadying myself against a street lamp to get this shot. I was trying out a new fast lens to freeze the action of cars and people framed by the sparkling holiday lights on lower King Street in Alexandria, Virginia."

7 - Winter Scene

"I took advantage of an unusual winter blue sky and cloud cover to get this back-lit scene of sledders and skiers on Shuter's Hill, site of the George Washington Masonic Memorial in Alexandria, Virginia."

notecar8.jpg (24223 bytes)

8 - King Street Lights

"The sepia-toned sky on New Year's Eve provided the backdrop for this view of Alexandria's George Washington Masonic Memorial."

notecar9.jpg (24223 bytes)

9 -  North Washington Street

"This familiar  North Washington Street scene jumped out at me when I was waiting to photograph Christ Church." NT

10 -  Market Square Holiday Tree

"I had been trying to get a good shot of the Holiday Tree in front of City Hall for a while.  It was the first big snow.  I was freezing but had to wait for a couple to finish their photo session.  A good picture is all about timing, patience and sometimes endurance. "

11 - Historic Old Town

"I used a digital camera for the first time on this holiday scene. In some ways, itís easier than shooting film, but it has its limitations."


12 - Snow Scene on Prince St.
"If you had to drive in Alexandria, you had a problem. For walking in Old Town, it was a winter wonderland."


13 - Three Symbols

"While searching for a fresh holiday image, I was excited to find at City Hall this coming together of three symbols - the American flag, a basket of seasonal greens and the Gadsby lamp."


14 - Snow Maidens

Huntley Meadows Park


# 15 Snow Walk

"I found this wonderful image walking up 

King Street after a snow storm.  For once I could stand in the middle of the street and not  worry about cars"

# 16 Carlyle House 

"I was glad to have happened on this beautiful scene in that window of time before the snow melted and that no one had disturbed the path"

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